The Revolutionary NeoSensory Hearing Aids

Almost all hearing aids are generally tiny stereo microphone/amplifier/speaker combinations. But not the NeoSensory Buzz. Conventional hearing aids include an earpiece. But not the NeoSensory Buzz. Instead, the user wears a chunky wristband, which “hears” sounds and communicates to the ears via the user’s skin. Buzz avoids the problem of earwax of conventional hearing aids. It also eliminates the need for an audiologist. At $589, it is considerably cheaper than hearing aids from the “Big Six.”

2 thoughts on “The Revolutionary NeoSensory Hearing Aids

  1. We were impressed enough with the NeoSensory Buzz hearing aid that we bought one (at their special price) to join our collection of a Widex Evoke and a Sound World Solutions HD75. The Buzz is very different from other hearing aids, starting with its unusual look, its position on a wrist not in an ear, and its vibrating operation. We wore The Buzz on our left wrist and kept looking at it for the time because that is where we have always worn our watch. Perhaps NeoSensory will introduce an additional model with a built-in watch. We also noticed that a woman with a smaller wrist than ours would not be able to tighten the strap for a snug fit. And we suspect that women would be interested in a small selection of colors. We realize that women do not want to advertise their hearing loss, but if they are going to have a Buzz they might make the best of it with a bright color.

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