Healthy and Cost-Effective Communications Between Hearing Aid Users and Their Audiologists

During the current pandemic, it is important to take all possible measures to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. Doctors and dentists need to wear masks, or face shields, and practice strict cleanliness and distancing protocols during office visits and try and use telemedicine as much as possible. In the case of hearing aids, well-trained audiologists are expensive because their education and training are expensive. Audiologists’ offices are also pricey and using audiologists for hearing aid selection and fittings add considerably to their cost. Recently a company named Koalys launched a home audiology platform called Koalys Comfort to provide tele-consultation, remote diagnostics, and hearing aid fitting capabilities, Koalys introduced a more cost-effective communication between a hearing aids user and his/her audiologist. We believe that Koalys has a great potential to benefit the audiologists and consumers.

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