Using Your Smartwatch to Control Your Hearing Aids

If you are rich enough or lucky enough to have a top-rated brand of hearing aids such as Oticon, ReSound, Starkey, or Widex you can control them using a smartwatch. You can control them–as well as the Hearlink range of Philips and Zerena range of Bernafon—using a smartwatch. You can also control a range of other brands using Starkey’s TruLink Hearing Control using the iPhone and iPad, as well as some Pebble smartwatches, three Android Wear watches, the Samsung Gear S Moto 360, and Asus Zen Watch.

You Can Hear Better Using an iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple products offer a wide range of capabilities thanks to its hardware and apps. Among those apps are ways to hear better.

For those wearing hearing aids made by major manufacturers Oticon, Resound, Starkey, or Widex, they can use the Apple Watch app.

And those people not wearing hearing aids can use Apple AirPods.

One of the reasons that people who are hard of hearing don’t wear hearing aids is that they don’t want others to think they are “over the hill”. But Apple AirPod users are unlikely to feel that way, nor are Apple Watch wearers (there’s an April 5, 2018, YouTube on CNET called “Can hearing aids be as hip as the Apple Watch?”)